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VITAL Series

VITAL Series

INNIVATE’s VITAL series, with its ‘chameleon like’ architectural mesh treatments, is a welcome change for designers looking to incorporate performance louvres into building façades without compromising on visual aesthetics.

A range of available architectural mesh styles offers a customisable appearance, whilst still maintaining world-class rain defence capabilities, independently tested to the latest European standards.



 Louvre Model VI Series MI-6520VP
 Blade Configuration Double Double
 Blade Spacing 50 mm 65 mm
 Blade Depth 65 mm 120 mm
 System Depth 180 mm 230 mm
 Front Blade  Orientation Mesh Perforation**
 Rear Blade Orientation Vertical Vertical
 Rain   Defence   Class






0.0 A A
0.5 A A
1.0 A A
1.5 A A
2.0 A A
2.5 A A
3.0 C A
3.5 D A
 Airflow Coefficient* 0.141 0.226
 Airflow Class 4 3
 Rain Defence Rating Excellent Excellent
 Airflow Rating Fair Good

* Alternative Airflow Co-efficients are available for panels larger than 1 m x 1 m
Derived from 3rd party independent testing to BS EN 13030:2001
** Perforation measured free area to be > 45%